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Invest in a Tracking Plan, Here’s Why

Tracking Plan, Measurement Plan, Event Data Design. Different names, same important tool.

How I see it: a tracking plan is the blueprint of a product analytics strategy, which outlines what events to track, how they should be tracked, and the context needed to make those events meaningful. This is crucial for organizations striving to be data-driven.

Why? Because there's often a vast gap between the data collected and the insights needed.

Tracking plan is super helpful to make sure that in the end you can generate the insights that the business really need to make better product decisions and create better growth initiatives. A good tracking plan provides standartized high quality and best fitted data so that teams can easily see if new iterations really make a difference.

Let's look into the situations when investing in a high-quality tracking plan makes absolute sense:

1. You are a product organization that constantly and iteratively improves their product based on event data input.

2. You use behavioral or event data to support growth and sales initiatives.

3. You are looking into establishing data-driven culture and integrating an event-based product analytics tool (e.g. Mixpanel, Amplitude, Posthog) and want to approach it properly.

4. The event data you are collecting in your product is messy and your team can’t make any sense out of it - that results in missed insights and opportunities.

Remember: A tracking plan is less about tracking more and more about tracking smarter. For teams aiming to thrive in a data-driven world, it's an investment that can't be overlooked.