Industry: EdTech
Analytics stack: Mixpanel
Coding education company for kids, CodeWizardsHQ, received power from analytics to make important product decisions and increase lesson completion.

CodeWizardsHQ is the leading online coding school for kids and teens ages 8-18. The learning is offered by enrolling to various courses, each has a teacher, live classes, homeworks and quizes, which makes learning fun and effective. For 7 years of educating online, CodeWizardsHQ has thousands of satisfied students.


CodeWizardsHQ product team had Mixpanel up and running, with some events already implemented. The business owners needed analytics to make important product decisions, like whether to leave or remove the possibility of quiz unlimited resubmissions and how to improve the gamification to encourage students to increase their course completion rates. Also the client wanted ideas of product metrics that would be important to track.

Neither the business owners nor the product team had time to focus thoroughly on their product analytics, moreover it was their first experience with Mixpanel. Like many teams with limited resources, they didn't have a tracking plan at all and were hardly aware of what data was tracked, which made things even harder.

Our Solution

  1. We started with diving in to CodeWizardsHQ product, analysed it's functionality and context. Based on that defined around 20 product metrics, which would be useful for understanding user behaviour and the overall health of the product.
  2. Analysed what data was already tracked in Mixpanel and documented it into structured and meaningful tracking plan.
  3. Defined which events and properties needed to be added to find answers to business questions and enable the team to make the right product decisions.
  4. The next step was the implementation. Drove the dev team of CodeWizardsHQ to implement the new defined endpoints, supported them during the whole process.
  5. After the needed data was collected, we built charts and dashboards in Mixpanel.
  6. Finally, helped business owners to interpret the charts correctly and gather insights that they were interested in.
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In a short time CodeWizardsHQ got answers to their questions from product data and finally were able to make decisions about removing the quiz unlimited attempts, gamification impact and learned which user actions on the platform drive students to succeed in courses more. In addition, the client could now see the overall picture of how their product is performing.

Also the team got the structured and clear tracking plan that everyone understands and can use to find info about the data tracked in the product.
1 August / 2022