Industry: SaaS
Analytics stack: Amplitude, Segment
Fl0 team gains control and trust in their product data and starts using product analytics to answer their questions.

FL0 is a cloud development and deployment platform optimized for backend services. Its users write the services and FL0 creates, deploys and scales the containers running them.


FL0 had set up Segment and Amplitude and had some events already implemented, but there were some errors in endpoints and the data collected was incorrect, the team couldn't trust it and couldn't use product analytics for their purposes. The data of FL0 product was primarily coming from backend. The business owners wanted to understand the data around backend queries execution, the times of execution in the product. Another important part for exploring was group analytics (by organisation accounts).

Also the client had no tracking plan, the list of events tracked was just kept in notes, so no one could properly understand which data they tracked and where they had the mistakes.

Our Solution

  1. Our first step was exploring the product, analysing what was already tracked. Created the tracking plan for Segment format, added descriptions, made it structured and meaningful.
  2. After that we set to research the errors of some tracked endpoints, analysed how they are sent to Segment and from there to Amplitude. In the end we managed to find the problems with implementation and prepared recommendations for fixing them.
  3. Together with business owners we defined the most important metrics of the product and built charts and dashboards in Amplitude, based on them.
  4. Finally, helped FL0 team to interpret the charts correctly, gather insights and use Amplitude themselves.


After fixing the errors FL0 started receiving more precise data. The trust of the team in their data was revoked! They could now use product analytics for the purposes of understanding and improving the product.

As a result, Fl0 managed to get insights they wanted about performance of the queries, which is an important part of the product.
1 August / 2022