Industry: Consumer Technology
Analytics stack: Mixpanel
Lazy team learns about their power users and their activation moment

Lazy is an information capturing desktop app which allows to capture at the speed of thought. It provided plenty of keyboard shortcuts to take notes & save different information such as articles, Twitter threads, videos and more.


Lazy was in beta and had only early access to limited user audience. The main goal of the team was to understand where users find value in the product, who are the power users with potential to stay in the product and what is their moment of activation.

The team had some usage data already tracked in Mixpanel, which they wanted to use to find solution to their challenge.

Our Solution

We analysed behavioral data in Mixpanel and most long-staying and active users by the following criteria:
  • retention
  • their patterns of behavior, most performed actions
  • frequency and total number of actions they made
  • user flows and order of actions


As a result, Lazy team received some hypotheses about the activation moment and what actions a typical power users performs. We also provided some recommendations of how to enhance the collected data and which new endpoints worth adding.

As there were not many users in the product at that time, we usually recommend our clients to conduct additional interviews with users to learn about their experience, motivation and pains, as small data volumes may be statistically insignificant.
16 August / 2022