Industry: Media
Analytics stack: Amplitude
Pixchange puts a finger on understanding product performance and delivering insights to investors quickly.

Pixchange is an interactive media marketplace with tools to create & share collections of digital collectibles across ecosystems. The product consists of 2 mobile apps: Pixchange main app - a marketplace of digital arts and content and Studio app - a mobile content creation tool, and a custom keyboard for sharing.


The team moved to Amplitude from Facebook analytics, and brought all the events from there. They needed product analytics for getting the overall picture of their products and report key KPIs to the investors, but didn’t know how to approach it properly. There was a mess in the events and parameters, a lot of duplicates and inconsistencies, no one could understand what the collected data endpoints mean. Business owner couldn’t make any use of the data tracked in Amplitude.

The business owner was new to Amplitude, and said it seemed like a rocket science. She didn't have time to study long Amplitude guidelines and figure out how to set up dashboards and spending much time on that was ineffective for the business. Pixchange wanted a fast way to find insights in Amplitude and organise effective product analytics process.

Our Solution

  1. Before diving deep into product analytics, it's important to have everything clear and structured. We made a full audit of the events and properties that were already tracked at Pixchange and redefined the tracking plan to get rid of the mess and duplicates, added descriptions, statuses, consistent naming, made it organised.
  2. Defined the main metrics and KPIs for both apps that were important to collect.
  3. Defined and documented new endpoints that were needed to be added to get the answers the business owner wanted, and led their implementation, supporting the dev team.
  4. Added user properties to add more context while analysing users.
  5. Built charts and dashboards in Amplitude visualising the most important metrics.
  6. Finally, held workshops to teach business owners to use Amplitude functionality to be able to build proper charts and find insights.
Part of Studio App KPIs

Pixchange team got the structured and transparent tracking plan that everyone understands and can use to easily navigate their data.

Business owner could see the product metrics, report results to investors and understand how the products are performing. Moreover, now they could use Amplitude themselves to find the data need. It saved time and resources of business and engineering to focus on solving larger and more strategic problems.

And most importantly, the whole Pixchange team started seeing value from their data and product analytics with Amplitude.
1 August / 2022